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Dell Streak Unlocked: Unlock Your Dell Streak With Unlock Code

A Dell Streak can be unlocked with an unlock code. A Dell Streak unlocked will work on any SIM card based phone network, such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint PCS. In order to fully unlock your Dell Streak you will need to an unlock code. This unlock code will remove the SIM lock that comes on many SIM based Dell cell phones by default. Once this SIM lock is removed, you will be free to use your Dell Streak with any GSM or SIM card based mobile phone carrier you wish.

Getting an unlock code can be free often if you cann up your Dell Streak phone carrier’s support line. Request an unlock code and in exchange they will need your phone’s IMEI number, which on a Dell Streak you can simply get by typing *#06# and hitting send or enter on your keypad. Your Dell Streak’s IMEI number is used to calculate your Dell unlocking code. If you do not currently have a carrier or cannot get a free one, then I would suggest you review some of the unlock code websites I have provided later in this guide.

How To Unlock A Dell Streak (SIM Unlock)

Here are the steps to follow to unlock your Dell Streak to all GSM mobile phone carriers and networks:

1. Power on your Dell mobile phone with an unaccepted SIM card.
2. Enter your Dell unlock code you attained earlier.
3. Your Dell mobile phone should now be unlocked and may automatically reboot.

If you need any additional help on how to unlock your Dell Streak GSM cell phone, then please feel free to leave a question or comment at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, you can learn more about finding an unlock code for your Streak below. Good luck

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It is now possible to get any Dell Streak unlocked with unlock software in under 5 minutes


If you were not able to get your Dell Streak unlocked because a phone unlocking code was not available for your mobile device, we’ve got great news! You can now use software to read the real unlock code directly from the phone such that it will be displayed on your PC screen. Once you see it, take a note of it, insert a non-original SIM card, enter the code, and it’s unlocked – guaranteed. You can test for FREE whether your phone can be unlocked or not by using UnlockStreak’s Dell Streak Unlocker.


Download Dell Streak Unlocker

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About the Author: Hi, my name is Glen. I am the owner and author of I have a strong passion for the Dell Streak and hopefully you are as excited as myself about being able to hack this thing!

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  1. rcprater9 says:

    Matt, you are losing credibility by the second here. This is suppose to be a resource for we “Streakers” (My name for us; at the moment unofficial) But this information is accurate with every phone except the Streak.

    Come on Man, we are depending on you to be a resource, not a purveyor of useless information.

  2. Jack says:

    I have tried calling AT&T for an unlock code, but they have no record of the phone and could not give me the code. Do you know of any alternative way to unlock the streak?

  3. I have created a forum board where we can help each other. I’m not an expert…I just like the dell streak over the ipad and trying to help out. Here’s your chance to show what you know. Post on the forum:

  4. Silik says:

    No information in this article at all – just want to produce some google juice?

    How about writing articles with actual information, like a way to really unlock the dell streak?

  5. Silik…I have something for you but you gonna have to go with Tmobile on that one:

  6. janki mistry says:

    hello everyone,
    the info about dell streak being unlocked by a code is ludicruos. someone pls tell me who will give the code. I live in india. i got the dell streak sent to me throug someone in US. Since the time i recd the phone i have been calling long distance to AT&T and DELL for the unlock codes and believe me, they have been behaving like mental retards. no one can give a code. someone needs to write a hacking programme or maybe take help of the rebel sim. i am seriously considering the 2nd option.

  7. janki mistry says:

    one option that i am considering is suing the companies. they cannot advertise “unlocked version” if they were not going to deliver it.
    i have paid bloody 602 dollars for the phone and believe me, living in india it really pinches.

  8. Janki, I actually agree with you.

  9. Janki,

    Rebel Sim II card is your best bet

  10. RayPilot says:

    matt, why do you still spread this false information? dell is NOT giving any kind of unlock code! until now the ONLY possibility to use another provider then AT&T is the REBEL SIM CARD II

  11. Ray,

    That is for O2. I have an article here that gives instructions to unlock AT&T streak with Rebel Sim Card II

  12. chirag baid says:

    Well, as per my knowledge, The Master Piece can be Used on any other network only by way of Rebel Sim card II.
    I’m using MY Streak(2.1) with the same.
    No issues till now, it’s almost been a month.


  13. VICTOR M. says:

    I bought a streak and i live in Mexico. Just call to AT&T 1-916-843-4685 or 1-800-335-4685 and ask for the unlock code. for me was only 5 minutes to get it. good lock

  14. gsmlocks says:

    we have the unlock codes for all dell streaks att,o2 etc.Contact if you need.

  15. Kri says:

    I tried calling AT&T international support (1-800-335-4685) but had no luck. They wouldn’t even take my IMEI to check if they could unlock the phone without me having an AT&T phone number to hand them.

    It seems there’s no way other than the rebel sim cards to unlock this thing, even when it was sold as the “unlocked version”.

    Dell screwed this one up.

  16. Kri,

    I agree with you big time. Dell did screw this up, but I heard they will make up for it with the 7′ and 10′ streaks

  17. Som says:

    Guys, ATT customer care is giving the number without much fuss. I got it in 5 minutes from them. Just call 1-916-843-4685.

    You’ll need an ATT number, you can use your friend’s number or ask him to call ATT customer care for you and ask for an unlock code.

    Alternate way:

    Send a fax at:
    0012015762014 (for folks out of US)
    8665424170 (for US)
    Your full name
    contact no
    email id
    make n model

    Any they will send you the unlock code (this is what the customer care rep told me), i got the unlock code through option 1 :-).

    Go for it! Live an unlocked life!


  18. Som says:

    Also … please please please don’t pay anyone on ebay..etc for the code, its not worth it when you can get it for free!

    No rebel sim card needed either.

    Do say thanks if it works for you as well! If not, well.. at-least it worked for me :-).

  19. Maximus says:

    Got my unlock code in less than 5 minutes! Thanks SOM!!!!

  20. nikz says:

    hi .. i am using streak on O2 uk … please tell me how to get its unlock code for free ..

  21. Call Dell customer representative and they will give it to you. 1-800-999-3355 Mon.-Sun.
    8am – 9pm CST

  22. patrick says:

    called at@t they could’nt unlock cos my imei no is cleared i bought my dell streak on ebay..any ideas on hw to clear imei number.thx

  23. patrick says:

    called at@t they couldn’t unlock cos my imei no is cleared i bought my dell streak on ebay..any ideas on hw to clear imei number.thx

  24. patrick says:

    called at@t they couldn’t unlock cos my imei no is not cleared i bought my dell streak on ebay..any ideas on hw to clear imei number.thx

  25. @Patrick, sounds like you bought a pre-release versions of the streak. As it turns out, the IMEI numbers for the devices that were sold were in beta (trial) stages as well. Long story short, the trial period expired and the Streaks out in the market, got automatically blocked by AT&T with no way of getting a cell connection.

  26. @Patrick, sounds like you bought a pre-release versions of the streak. As it turns out, the IMEI numbers for the devices that were sold were in beta (trial) stages as well. Long story short, the trial period expired and the Streaks out in the market, got automatically blocked by AT&T with no way of getting a cell connection.

  27. TechnicallyAverage says:

    Is there any other way to enter the code if I dont have a sim card from another carrier? I dont know too many people where I am at so finding a sim for TMobile or Sprint is kind of hard

  28. yfking says:

    I just purchased an unlocked Dell Streak and it came up as locked when I inserted my T-Mobile SIM in. I called Dell Customer Support (1-800-999-3355) as indicated by a previous post, and they were helpful in getting my phone unlocked (the Dell CSR conference called me with the AT&T Customer Support, who provided me with the unlock code after a few checks). The process takes time (took me around 45 minutes) but it is doable.

  29. AlienAmerican says:

    This was the easiest unlock I’ve ever done. Called dell customer service:

    To contact Dell Streak Technical Support I would request you to call @ 1?800?308?3355.

    Said I paid full price and need an unlock code. She put me on hold while she called ATT, and five minutes later had the unlock code.

    simple. Don’t know if I am lucky or had an extra helpful Dell employee, either way, I don’t care. Just keep trying people, if the first person on the phone isn’t helpful, call back 5 minutes later until you get a more helpful person.

  30. Where are you located???

  31. charles says:

    Called att, they said go to best buy, best buy said call dell, dell confrenced me with att. 45 minutes later I have an ATT trouble ticket that “should be resolved by 1-14-11″ . Can any one spped up tne process? Please 1.6 sucks

  32. Ernie Tirado says:

    If I unlock my phone and use a tmoblie sim card will I be able to upgrade my phone to froyo 2.2 then return to at&t without any issues?

  33. Aaron says:

    i have my unlock code. but i’m still using my att sim card. So where would i put in my code at. i tried my sim lock and that didn’t work?

  34. jj says:

    Is the SIM Unlock code the same as the PUK code?

  35. Isaac says:

    i am a at&t customer and i want to upgrade my streak to froyo which is only available for unlocked streaks. if i unlock it could i possibly get the upgrade

  36. Wendy says:

    I bought the Dell Streak and have T-Mobile as a provider. I called ATT and had no problem with them unlocking it. She put me on hold for about 4 minutes and when she came back, she told me she was only going to tell me the code 3 times and I had to input it while she was telling me. Maybe so I wouldn’t be able to write it down? Anyway, I love it now that I can use my T-Mobile with it!

  37. Babak says:

    Check the front page article on DellStreakHacks:

    Unlocks Streak for good!

  38. Pedro Sousa says:

    I called AT&T, asked them for the unlock code and they gave it to me. Not a problem!

    Thank you

  39. MIchael Roberts says:

    My buddy who is a Dell employee just gave me a Dell Streak. I noticed that he took his SIM out before he gave it to me (I was thrilled by the fact he GAVE it to me!). I am with Sprint and have a Blackberry Curve. How would I go about unlocking this so I could use it with my Sprint?

  40. Georgia says:

    I want a Streak so bad, but I’m with the BEST cell co – Verizon, but they don’t carry the Streak…they could have, but Dell went with AT&T instead and I DESPISE AT&T. My other half HAS to have AT&T ’cause Dell likes to stick with other Texas based companies. I still can’t figure out why it is that all these Corps. insist on making their employees go with AT&T’s pathetic, overpriced service rather than letting them find the cheapest they are willing to pay for.

    Anyone have any idea if an unlocked Streak will work on Verizon?

  41. Deepak Britto says:

    i have dell streak mobile purchased in japan. now i brought it to india and i m cannot able to use indian sim. it ask for unlock code. how do i get this code.

  42. jole says:

    called att @ 1-916-8434685/1-800-3354685 about few mins. ago and told them i have a dell streak5 with ATT and ask them if i can get the unlock code for it. the guy was so nice that he told me he can help me as long as i have the IMEI. got it in 3 mins and was able to unlock my phone right away. used a tmobile sim card to unlock it. tried the phone with the tmobile simcard and to my surprise, it was actually a working sim card which i found somewhere. now i have 2 nos in one phone.

  43. Roy says:

    hey,sir,i buy a dell streak5 for best buy. but not pay internet fee. so i can’t log on internet via 3gs and wi-fi. when i install software,it shows ” for security,your device is set to block installation of applications not sourced in Android Market.” how can i do now? can u help me? your reply will be very appriciated.

  44. Stemmer says:

    Hey I have the link for the Dell Streak 7 update am updating it now…Can’t wait…

  45. yannick says:

    i have dell unstreak 7 but it ask for the special code that i have not because my friend bought it for me in usa, and me i am using in gabon

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